SOUTHSEA GREEN: Mystery of the old pond

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My nanny’s garden seemed endless when I was little. In truth, it wasn’t, but when you’re six, the bottom of the garden seems a long way away.       

I was always fascinated by a rectangular path around a small patch of grass. I’d ask my nanny to tell me about it, time and time again, even though I knew the story.

Scrumping for apples - happy childhood memories.

Scrumping for apples - happy childhood memories.

It had once been a pond, but had been filled in when my mum was a child. This sparked my imagination, and I would often tread carefully, making sure I didn’t ‘fall in’.

I remember running around, with the spongy grass beneath my bare feet; the smell of freshly-cut grass in the air and washing on the line. My brothers and I would collect apples from a huge tree, and race up and down the lawn again and again.

Happy memories that gave me an appreciation and love for gardens. The garden remains, but has been transformed... but that’s a story for

another day..

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