SOUTHSEA GREEN: Sowing wild flowers

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A poem to welcome the change of season... perhaps.

Spring is here, the daffs are out, primroses and violets too,

Cold winter sunshine shining through.

Winter jasmine yellow and bright,

Blossoming out to catch the light.

Rosemary bursting out, its petals blue

Bumble bees, just a few...

Buzzing in the light of day

Pollen-seeking on their way.

Dandelions and daisies can just be seen

Prising through the ground on Southsea Green.

Pause awhile and smile as you pass by.

God’s gift of nature, for you and I.

We have some good news from the council this year, more beautiful wild flowers will be grown all over the city instead of the usual gardening competition.

If you have any suggestions for a green space that is highly visible to residents and visitors that could be a good location for an urban meadow, please let them know by e-mailing for their consideration.

Keep your eye on for more news and other gardening events.