Southsea Green: The beauty of Marigolds

Southsea Green
Southsea Green
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Calendula officinalis, or pot marigold, is a huge help to gardeners. It repels whitefly from tomatoes and lures aphids away from beans.

It attracts ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies. They are our helpers so we don’t need pesticides. This means we’re also helping bees and improving our produce.

At Southsea Green we’ve had a message from our own Marigolds: ‘Every Friday, term-time, we're opening the gates for free craft sessions for little hands. ‘Marigold Loft’ will be rummaging through reusable materials to make fun activities, using things which usually get thrown away.

‘Plant your own seeds and nurture them, or get making with our 'Mini Maker: Remake' sessions in the community garden from 11am-1pm. Everyone’s welcome. More info from Sarah and Vik Marigold Loft