SOUTHSEA GREEN: Things are slowly coming back to life

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The first early signs of spring are showing at the garden with daffodils coming into bud.

But it’s still early days and there’s still the risk of overnight frosts for a while yet.

This week we’ve had every type of weather, from fierce winds and lashing rain, to lovely warm sunny days, bringing out the birds to join us in our garden, especially our regular visitor our friendly robin.

On my plot there are signs of activity, the overwintering broad beans are showing good signs of growth and also some signs of pest damage.

It seems the slugs and snails are also starting to wake up after their winter sleep. On my next visit I’ll be armed with a supply of egg shells to try to keep them at bay.

This is a good time to plan our planting for the next part of the year, and we have an exciting new venture to build a new herb garden in the plot. There are lots of good things to look forward to over the coming months.

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