SOUTHSEA GREEN: Thoughts of war and peace

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Listen carefully, there’s music on that summer breeze, and birdsong, and the sound of people. Sometimes rain on the trees making the grass greener and filling our water butts.

There’s a feeling of quiet and waiting. Waiting for what? The thing about gardens is, nothing stays the same, there’s always something to see, something to do, someone at the gate who wants to see our secret garden.

Also, lest we forget, we are a naval city still honouring our past, our heroes, both in conflict and in peace.

Last week the great ship arrived and we stood and stared not sure whether to cheer or cry at the sight. Thoughts of war and peace and shipbuilding all jumbled in our minds and conversations.

Meanwhile in our garden there was just birdsong and you could almost hear the sun shining and feel the warmth of sun on earth, the same earth we cultivate regardless of what’s beyond the gate.

You’re welcome inside whenever we are there...