SOUTHSEA GREEN: We need a water wizard

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The sun’s back but we are so pleased to have had rainfall too, even though we still have dodgy water butts.

Is there a water wizard out there who can come and fix it so we don’t waste it and can re-use our grey water for keeping the little trees and vegetables alive on hot days?

Who knew that plants take up their water in the early morning and evening when the sun is low, so those are the best times to water.

We share a supply with The Greens café and are sad to learn they’ve had another break-in, so all is not so rosy at Canoe Lake. If you see any strangers or people hopping over the fences please call 101.

Do join us on June 17 from 12pm-3pm. This is a special day of peace to honour Jo Cox MP. A new climbing rose will be planted at the rose gardens in her honour and for other victims of aggression. You are very welcome to join us.

July 1 is another garden date organised by the Food Partnership when we will all throw open our garden gates across the city to celebrate summer.

Don’t forget to send Foodcycle Portsmouth any surplus food, or extra veg, to cook up supper for their families at the foodbank. They always need and really appreciate extra volunteers to help cook and serve too. Go