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GARDENING: Readers' questions and a whole host of horticultural jobs from Brian Kidd

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This week we are starting work on making the garden a little less vulnerable to out-of-hours visitors.

As we have said before, we have had intruders who have been less than respectful of the garden and its contents which we have spent so much time cultivating.

Some careful thought has gone into how we protect the garden without turning it into an unwelcoming space bristling with surveillance equipment.

We have opted for some suitable aesthetic additions including trellis to raise the height of the wall.

Our thanks to Covers for helping with the cost of the materials, and for a donation of posts.

We are in the process of collecting interesting and unusual metal items to be included in a topper for the gate.

This will look great and make it less easy to climb over.

If you have any to donate, please do!

Perhaps you would like to donate some time and help us install the posts and trellis?

Or if you would like to find out more about volunteering or joining the Southsea Greenhouse volunteers, call Sue Stokes on 07530 913211.

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