Southsea Greenhouse

A withered poinsettia. This may not be your fault.

BRIAN KIDD: Killing worms and poorly poinsettias

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You know it’s autumn when the soles fall off your boots and your eyes get droopy before it even gets dark, such little hedgehogs are we...

This week in the Greenhouse garden we have been hunting down the last few beans to tuck up in their blankety beds until springtime and now we’re dusting off the spring bulb catalogues

What joy this week.

We had our over-60s (from the Over-60s’ Festival run by Portsmouth City Council) in the garden planting up old pots and colanders and even paint pots. How very contemporary!

We had home-made soup with some organics from Wayside Organics and veg we have just harvested.

Out and about, we saw our friends raking up the leaves in the Cumberland Garden yesterday and the Stacey Centre, where they have an orchard that’s growing beautifully, and Baffins’ Association who gave us two huge bags of conkers.

Watch this space they all have events coming up.

The Stacey Centre is doing a Halloween fun day from 10am to 3pm on October 29.

We will be putting more events on our website as we find them so bookmark