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GARDENING: Readers' questions and a whole host of horticultural jobs from Brian Kidd

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Anne, from Cosham, won gold for her balcony display in this year’s Portsmouth In Bloom competition organised by Southsea Greenhouse. She’s written this poem to encourage others to enter next year.

I have no garden any more which makes me rather sad

For I retired a year ago and lost the wage I had.

To downsize was the thing to do to live within my means

And so I live now in this flat with no more floral scenes.

‘Hold on my friend for all’s not lost, I spy a balcony,

You could create a garden there, a sight for all to see.

So no need to despair my dear I’ll help you make a start,

You’ll be amazed what can be done, so come on dear take heart.’

We bought the pots, we bought the plants, we bought some compost too.

We planted out and in due course a garden came to view.

There’s such variety of flowers, of ferns and greenery.

We’ve put two garden chairs out there so we can drink our tea.

Who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll do a competition,

Portsmouth In Bloom, yes, that’s the one, we’ve made the right decision.

If you win or if you lose it really doesn’t matter,

You’ll always have your garden there to sit and have a natter.