Southsea Greenhouse

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There seems to be a tree invasion in Portsmouth and Southsea. Beautiful trees everywhere covered in glitter and sparkles.

It’s kind of like an M&S ad for our little garden friends, so there are plenty of festive hidey-holes for hedgehogs and foxes.

Our friends at Canoe Lake have on​e on​ their brand new doorstep. And sssshhhhh don’t tell, but if you pop down and take a peek this weekend, they have an​ amazing​ ice rink in their back yard too.

So get your skates on, Greens Cafe is open this weekend.

Here at Southsea Greenhouse we’ve been tidying up, making lots of plans for the spring, but mostly this week finding shelter for our little plants and shrubs that won’t survive the cold.

Which reminds us to support homeless people this winter. For donations and volunteering and t​o​ pass on information to homeless people you might meet go to

We want to thank everyone who has helped in so many ways at Southsea Greenhouse this year, and to wish all of you the happiest Christmas. We raise our hand trowels and teacups to the new year. See you ​​in 2015.