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It’s traditional at this time of year to wish seasons greetings to all. So perhaps it’s apt to reflect on how the community garden at Canoe Lake has fared through the seasons this year.

Spring saw us planting seeds and plants for summer colour and later vegetable and fruit harvests.

We rebuilt a greenhouse for additional growing space and installed a donated wormery.

Then on to that glorious summer, with twice-daily watering encouraging a fabulous display of colours and scents in the floral area and early cropping from the previous winter’s vegetable planting.

Autumn hardly happened! As the fabulous weather continued, the garden was supplying copious harvests of beans, carrots, brassicas, herbs and other delicious edibles.

And so to winter. Already some of the early sowings are showing through and some of the more tender plants are snuggled up in fleece.

Happy new year from the garden to everyone.

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