Southsea Greenhouse

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It was a tough year – 2014.

However, we’ve welcomed many new members and grown the garden considerably.

But we have also had to battle with bandits, burglars and burn-out from many of our team.

In order to carry on, and to enable us to grow the community garden and the orchard down here close to Canoe Lake, we need to revise the way we work and organise our time better.

So in 2015 we shall be looking for helpers for our three big projects for the coming 12 months.

These are:

n The Community Orchard

n The European Social Fund skill-shops and

n The expansion of the Community Garden.

We are looking for people who can help with project planning or communications.

And, of course, we always need those who can spare just a little time to open the garden over the next few months.

Your help will make a BIG difference.

If you’re interested in making this lovely corner of Southsea even lovelier, please drop us a note at and follow us via