Southsea Greenhouse

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And so we say goodbye to the old year and embrace the new.

The swans are still a-swimming on the lake, the kiddies have skated their socks off, and the days are getting longer.

In 2014, the warmest summer for ages, we had to hose the crops daily to keep them alive.

We shared our seeds, plants and extra crops and swapped with, and were helped by. so many amazing people. Thanks to all of you.

The Southsea Greenhouseteam worked so hard last year, making and growing, watering and tending, and making plans to make Portsmouth and Southsea greener.

In 2015, we are running three big projects, and invite you to be part of it.

We would like to share the community garden with you. Be part of the weekly/monthly garden days, or adopt a bed and try growing your own food.

Or why not take part in our new Skillshops starting later this month. Learn a new skill in gardening or crafts, and improve your confidence. Or help us plant the new Community Orchard in the spring, and help make Portsmouth bloom this year.

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