Southsea Greenhouse

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As we always say, ‘many hands make light work’ and our friends up the road at the Rock Gardens have been busy too over winter.

The English Landscapes’ team have been refurbishing the smaller pond which will be home for newts and frogs. We have a friendly heron who likes fish, so there will be no goldfish in what is a rather shallow pond.

The Friends will be involved next planting bog plants around the pool.

More than 1,000 rock plants overwintering in the greenhouse need putting into beds in the spring to refresh the colourful scene.

Can you help? Call in any Wednesday from 9.30am and find us somewhere in the garden. Friendships develop while we work.

We will be providing name boards and labels for the trees. Many are now high enough to provide shelter from the sea breeze and create a mini-climate in the lower part of the gardens.