Southsea greenhouse

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When I recall my first gardening memories I am transported to the summer and the smells of freshly-cut grass and barbecues infusing humid air.

My parents would be weeding with beads of sweat on their brows. Of course, I was no help, using my time to swing on the branches of our cherry tree.

From the tree I admired our neighbours’ rose garden. Its candyfloss pinks hypnotised my young eyes and I longed to know what they smelled like.

One day I climbed to the top of our garden slide in an attempt to reach one of the beautiful flowers. The slide began to topple and I fell over the fence and straight into the bed of roses. You could say I will never forget the smell of a rose.

If you love flowers and want to learn more about growing, come to a Skillshop at the Community Garden. Look on or call Peta on 07530 913211.