Southsea Greenhouse

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Funny how people are just like plants. The same, yet everyone is different.

Take vegetables, those incredible edibles. They come in all shapes and sizes and grow in the strangest places.

What about this then? At home we have sweet peas flowering on our windowsill, so early in the lovely spring sunshine. It’s like a mini forest and smells so sweet.

We also have a back yard filled with refugees from the community garden.

There’s a Kiwi plant, yukka, lemon tree, olives...

One day we might get a proper house with a lawn that I can walk on in bare feet. We might even have trees that grow out of the ground rather than hang around in pots like Bill and Ben.

But nothing beats the smiles of visitors and fun we all have making and growing down at the garden.

This week Southsea police brought us 17 very big bags of organic compost. They had acquired them from a cannabis factory. Made us smile.

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