Southsea Greenhouse

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Spring is well and truly under way and the garden centres are full of summer hanging basket and bedding plants.

These include petunias, begonias, nemesias, verbenas, geraniums and many others.

But there are still cold nights to come. Leave well into May. Your plants will soon catch up.

There’s still time to plant cottage garden plants such as delphiniums and lupins and every kind of tree and shrub including fruits.

In the vegetable garden continue to sow carrots, lettuce, broad beans and peas, but sow little and often. A whole row of lettuce ready all at once is just too much!

Sow crops such as leeks, Brussels sprouts and other winter brassicas in a seed bed for transplanting later, but if you are short of time or space, why not cheat and buy the plants from a garden centre later.

There’s still time to sow and plant more tender crops such as beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.

For more information go to where you can catch up with all the work going on at the community garden down here close to Canoe Lake.