Southsea Greenhouse: pop in for a natter

I love this time of year. Plants I grew last year seem to appear out of nowhere without any help from me. It's magical!

I found myself torn between wanting them to flourish and not wanting to kill the damn slugs eating the leaves.

A co-volunteer at Southsea Greenhouse gave me a great tip – put crushed eggshell around the base of plants. The sharp edges discourage the slugs.

This way the slugs survive and so do my plants.

If you have ideas for helping us to grow and protect the garden from pests, as we don’t like to use chemicals, please pop in and tell us about it.

The garden is now open when we can find enough volunteers and we spend most of the time watering and chatting with visitors.

If you can help or just want to peek inside, try us on Tuesdays or Thursdays 11am-­1pm or Sundays 1-3pm.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for gardening dates, Skillshops and other events: .

Or call us on 07530 913211.