Southsea Greenhouse: so much to look forward to

A bed of pink and white petunias - which will take a lot of dead-heading.

GARDENING: Brian Kidd answers your questions

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We have the promise of spring. The days are becoming a little longer as the sun slowly climbs higher in the sky.

Gardens are just waking up with the first buds shyly peeping through. Plants are regaining the energy to get going again. Each day reveals new growth, reminding me there is much to look forward to.

My garden continues to surprise me each year.

Which route will the climbing rose take as it continues its ramble up the garage wall?

Which spaces will be filled? Which plant will be first to burst into colour? They are hidden for now, some quietly murmuring underground preparing for their return.

Meanwhile, there are weeds to be plucked, dead leaves to be gathered and patio pots to be cleaned for when my garden is in full song.

If you can spare an hour at the community garden, we need a hand growing more veg and flowers.

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