SOUTHSEA GREENHOUSE: Symbolism around the mulberry bush

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Living in South Africa, my ex-husband Brian and I worked long hours to bring up our children Brett and Bailey.

At one stage, it seemed to be constant work work work. We left messages to each other every night and morning, to say hi, stay safe, and have a good day. One of my notes said: ‘See you around the mulberry bush’, which meant something to us about missing each other during the day.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure a few years ago, to receive a locally-sourced living plant from Brian (now living in Thailand). A mulberry tree...that meant a lot to me and remains a symbol of our continuing love and respect.

Brian passed away last month, and my family and I travelled to Thailand for his beautiful Buddhist funeral, and to support his lovely new lady .

Our mulberry tree is now tucked up in the community garden, where I can visit every day to say: ‘Hi Brian, see you around the mulberry tree.’

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