The bottles didn’t work - so now it’s wire netting

Now is the time to get to grips with your strawberry bed.

BRIAN KIDD: Strawberry fields forever – but renew them every three years

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No sooner had I submitted last week’s column than the local cats defied my efforts and started ignoring the plastic bottles lying around my garden, instead leaving their unwelcome deposits on the beds.

At least now I can remove the bottles so that it doesn’t look like I’ve been holding particularly wild parties every night.

I’ll now be deferring to one reader’s suggestion of wire netting on the beds to repel them. I’ll cut out appropriately-sized shapes of netting and lie them in between the plants. It’s either that or snipers.

The newly-built greenhouse has been put to good use and now contains some re-potted tomato plants and a variety of herbs that can only be identified by nibbling at them. The broad beans and the courgettes are all proudly sporting flowers and the potatoes that I planted in some old bins are poking through.

Our pond now proudly sports some lovely water plants, kindly sourced and planted up by Claire Chambers Garden Maintenance, and our resident frog has been seen happily shading itself under a leaf.

Very excitingly, just moments from our house, a new project, the Southsea Greenhouse, has planted itself. So when my own garden doesn’t yield enough veg, or my greenhouse has a poor selection of seedlings, I can pop to the seafront to buy up the contents and pass them off as my own.

The project will be a fantastic addition to the seafront and I wish those involved every success.