This Portsmouth garden helped restore my work-life balance

A world of 'intelligent, funny, talented, creative, quirky people'.
A world of 'intelligent, funny, talented, creative, quirky people'.
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What is community? I returned to Portsmouth from London seeking a better work-life balance. Everyone knows it’s difficult to relocate and volunteering is an easy way to make new contacts, but where? There are so many worthy places.

Southsea Greenhouse, as it was then, was recommended and I was thrown into a world of intelligent, funny, talented, creative, quirky people with community at the heart of what they do.

I was there through the early years, joining others at the little hut on the seafront, selling veg and home-made produce to unsuspecting passers-by. Happy, carefree days. We graduated to a strip of land and made it our own.

Years go by, faces change but the ethos remains the same with kindness and inclusivity remaining the abiding principles.More than just a garden, it is a place to share skills, values, information, resources, friendship and fun.

So, I can answer the question posed at the beginning: for me it is a place of welcome and we’d love to welcome you too.