Time will tell if I’ve done more damage than good

You did get this serviced didn't you?

GARDENING: Brian Kidd on cold frames and frosted camellias

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Liz Bourne and her family have transformed their small Southsea back garden into a grow-your-own plot for fruit and vegetables.

What’s that? Spring is here? But can I really start planting seeds and getting all excited? Well, probably not. Who knows if there will be some late frosts to blow any chances of successful germination?

Still, the sunny weather last weekend did lure me outside to put up a new bird box and to refill the bird feeders.

I was accompanied by Fred the robin, who is becoming very trusting. Or maybe he’s just extremely territorial.

I also let myself loose in the garden with secateurs. Never a good idea when you have little idea of what you are doing.

I managed some vicious chopping of a pitiful-looking lavender, a vague trimming of a rose that I salvaged from my grandmother’s garden after she died, plus some half-hearted hacking of an unknown shrub.

Time will tell if I have done more damage than good.

I am pleased to report that the broad beans are now well and truly convinced that it is spring and are around two inches tall, encouraging me to plant another couple of rows.

Our frog, who was lurking near the compost bin last week, was spotted in the pond.

I can only hope that he will find love somewhere and use our pond as a breeding ground for lots of lovely baby slug and bug-eating amphibians.

I have heard of people finding toad spawn already, so I am looking deep into the pond to see if I can spot any evidence of late night frog action.

But so far it would seem that love is not in the air quite yet.