The house price to earnings ratio has increased for the eighth year in a row.

Top 10 least affordable cities in the UK for a first time buyer - and why Portsmouth is not among them

Buying a home in a UK city is now more expensive than ever, with a 10.3 per cent surge in city house prices over the past year – but not in Portsmouth.

Even though wages in city areas are usually higher than rural locations, the affordability of city living has worsened, with house prices in cities costing around seven and a half times wages, according to Halifax.

Whilst house prices have improved in other cities, such as Portsmouth, many cities have gone up in the rankings for most expensive city.

Russell Galley, managing director, Halifax, said: ‘Affordability is significantly better in the north and there are now just two cities – Plymouth and Portsmouth – with better than average affordability in the south.’

We've put together a list of the 10 least affordable cities in the UK for a first time buyer.

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