Why not step beyond the gates down at Southsea Green?

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he brightly-painted blue gates of Southsea Green’s gardens welcome visitors to ‘step beyond the gates’.

The warm spring sunshine this week has brought on the small pots of flowering plants.

So why not bring the children along and share their laughter at the number of scarecrows dotted along the garden paths as they suggest a name for each one.

They can spot frogs jumping in the wildlife pond and peer hard and see newts hiding at the bottom among the greenery and the frog’s spawn.

While in the main gardens, plants are rejoicing in their spring coats ready to burst into colour with a little more warmer and bright weather, so ‘step along’ and visit us at Southsea Green Garden, Canoe Lake.

Our next garden get-together, which is open to everyone, is tomorrow (Saturday, April 1) between 12pm and 2pm.