Window shopping turned into a spending spree

SOUTHSEA GREEN: With Irene Strange

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Earlier this week I popped into a local garden centre to window shop. Except that 45 minutes and £30 later I had treated myself to, among other things, a box of bone meal and some shiny new seed trays.

I know that stereotypically I should be pining after a new pair of shoes, but a pack of five sturdy seed trays?

Come on, they are just as appealing surely (although not to wear)?

So with a skip in my step I brought them home and for a change I was back while it was still sunny.

I took the opportunity to wander through my garden (it doesn’t take that long), scattering corn to my chickens and admiring my new pond.

I filled the bird feeders as the blue tits and robins watched greedily from the trees.

As I was beginning to think that things couldn’t get any better, something caught my eye.

In one of the beds a small row of tiny shoots were appearing.

It was my broad bean seeds, planted on Boxing Day, just starting to show through!

Anyone who grows vegetables will know the immense feeling of excitement after the seemingly endless wait for germination to occur.

Could this be a sign that spring really is on its way?

With several bags of horse manure already dug into the soil and the bone meal hoed in, I really am on track this year for some happy growing.

All I need now is for the weather to warm up.