It’s your chance to be a columnist in The News

Emma Judd
Emma Judd
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DO YOU read newspaper columnists and think ‘I could do that’? Are you full of opinions and not afraid to share them with thousands of readers who may disagree with what you have to say?

Today The News launches a search for a new columnist to appear in the paper every Monday and on our popular website – and it could be YOU.

Just think, you could have a weekly platform in the biggest-selling newspaper on the south coast.

Regular Monday columnist Emma Judd is stepping down in the new year because of work commitments, so we’ve decided to use this opportunity to unearth some new talent in the Portsmouth area.

You don’t need to be a journalist, or a published writer. The chance to write a column is open to anybody.

Simon Toft, features editor of The News, said: ‘The only qualification you need is that you write well, enjoy observing the world around you and are up with local and national issues so that you’re able to give a view.

‘Columnists can come from all walks of life and The News already has a variety of men and women who entertain and inform by offering their opinions each week.

‘What we’re looking for is somebody who can add to the mix.’

You could write about things that happen to you in your daily life, or subjects you read about or see on the television.

The only stipulation is that your words have to be legally acceptable and suitable for a family newspaper.

We will be looking for you to keep abreast of local and national/international news and file a column each week to agreed deadlines.

There is no payment for the role, but it is an ideal opportunity to be published and get issues off your chest!

Still interested? Then please write a sample column consisting of three elements – one of 350 words and two of 120 words each – and e-mail it with your name, address and daytime contact number, plus a short biography of yourself and a photograph, to

Or you can post your column and the additional information and a photograph to: Simon Toft, Features Editor, The News, 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour, Western Road, Portsmouth PO6 3EN.