Let’s go fly a kite...

A kaleidoscopic carnival of kites ' last year's event on Southsea Common.
A kaleidoscopic carnival of kites ' last year's event on Southsea Common.
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Flyers from Singapore, India, New Zealand and from across the UK and Europe will make their way to Southsea Common this weekend for the 22nd annual Portsmouth International Kite Festival.

Until Monday, the common will be filled with more than 100 kites of different shapes and sizes, including snakes, lizards, frogs and more.

There will also be displays featuring single line kits and 3D kites, with this year’s special theme being cellular kites – a design that was invented in the early 19th century.

Events over the weekend include a synchronised multi-line kite ballet to music, with up to 12 flyers at a time, and the returning Cerf Volant Folie (Kite Team Follie) from France with an expanded team.

The CVF Team are the Normandy champions, and finished third at the French championship and fifth in the world championship.

There will also be artist kite displays, giant cartoon kites, Japanese fighting kites and an altitude sprint.

Also on the common there will be a number of specialist kite traders, food outlets, craft stalls, donkey rides, a bar and children’s entertainment ­– including a free children’s kite workshop.

The kite traders will offer a wide range of kites, from colourful branded ones for children to power kites for the more adventurous.

Included among the stalls will be a Wind Gallery which will features Aeolian instruments that use the breeze to produce sounds and music.

The festival runs from 10am until 5pm each day.

It is free to watch the kites being put through their paces.

For more information and for the full timetable go to portsmouthkitefestival.org.uk.