LETTER OF THE DAY: Are ‘modern women’ turning the clock back 100 years?

Grid girl - outdated or 'fine by me'?
Grid girl - outdated or 'fine by me'?
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There has been much in the press recently about the part girls play in sport.

Not actually playing of course but being on show such as parading at F1 Racing and darts.

Whether the opinions of the faceless wonders who are again telling everyone what to do I just wonder have the girls actually been asked their opinions?

Perhaps they enjoy it? No-one is forcing them to take part. What about the American cheerleader girls which have become part of English sport over the years? Dressed in miniskirts and boots are they too to be done away with?

I am a teenager of the 1960s when the world was a very different and somewhat better place.

Girls did not swear really obscene words like many do today. Ask any taxi driver who picks up from Portsmouth nightclubs and bars at the weekend.

I drove a taxi for a few years and took the girls home from Wiggle and Elegance night clubs.

These girls were absolutely gorgeous and when I spoke to them about what they did, not actually having ever been in the clubs, they said they really enjoyed the work and never felt put upon or threatened.

A few weeks ago there were complaints in parliament as to the way guests acted at a men only charity dinner including touching the attractive hostesses and waitresses.

I have not read of a single complaint in the London Evening Standard, The Metro or any daily papers from any of the ladies taking part.

All the complaints appear to come from maiden spinsters and professional virgins who are so dowdy they could not attract a member if the opposite sex if they tried.

I am sure the record ‘Come Outside’ by Mike Sarn with Wendy Richard from 1962 would be banned these days just in case it inferred more than just going outside a dance hall for a snog.

I know it didn’t and many times I asked girls the same to be open and honest about it for, as Mike sang: ‘a bit of slap and tickle.’ It didn’t ever go any further.

This is the centenary of women receiving the vote and giving them more freedom.

These so-called modern women who put their opinions over telling women what they can or cannot do are, surely, putting the cause back a hundred years.

Robert W Hind

Purbrook Way, Havant