LETTER OF THE DAY: Ask candidates pertinent questions before you vote

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It’s amazing how fast the year has gone since the last local and general elections.

Once again we are asked to turn up and vote for people all wearing different colours,

I have several questions to ask all of the candidates, both those new and those seeking re-election on May 3.

1. Where do you stand on pollution of the air, and what are your views on how to make our area clean air areas?

2. Regarding plastic – a very useful product but one that is being abused. Do you support the idea of the councils having a department in which this plastic could be recycled by using machinery that can grind the plastic into granules and then sold back to the manufacturers?

3. We have a problem with homeless sleeping rough in all our local areas. Should the councils be operating shelters and day centres to help these unfortunate people?

4. Would you support a form of proportional voting using any system that is fair, but not the alternative vote which was soundly rejected during the Cameron-Clegg administration?

I hope that those who read The News will look at these questions I have put together and that this newspaper might put together a page devoted to the elections and encourage people to go out and vote.

I’m looking forward to some interesting replies, and not necessarily getting the answers I would like to see.

John Vivian

Madison Court, Fareham