LETTER OF THE DAY: God bless women!

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Ever since I was a little boy, I have always regarded women with the greatest respect.

When I realised what a life they led from the moment they were able to walk, as compared to us men, it was obvious to me, that they had drawn the short straw.

The emergence of women, to realise their potential in this world, came at the arrival of the Second World War.

They did everything, and did it well – we might not have won if they had not backed us to the hilt.

Now as we enter the 21st century they are realising their potential.

Our daily paper, the Portsmouth News, is leading the way by taking on female columnists to supplement the men, in the best daily paper in the country.

I enjoy reading the columns of Zella, Lesley, Cheryl etc.

They have their say, and why not?

It certainly makes a change from the daily arguments on Brexit.

Raymond D Williams

Austin Court, Paulsgrove

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