Lights, camera, action – videoette - sold!

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We live in a video age – whatever happens, you can either see it on YouTube or go to somewhere like the BBC News website.

And now, when you’re looking for your next home, you can go to the Town and Country Southern estate agency website where videoette tours are being offered of homes for sale in the Portsmouth area.

‘It seems a logical extension of our service to give better coverage of the homes,’ says Town and Country Southern director Colin Shairp.

‘The traditional way to display a home for sale is through a series of staticl pictures but they don’t always tell the true story.

‘It’s said that a picture is worth 1,000 words but a videoette zooming into details is worth many more words than that! Still pictures are flat and two dimensional but the videoettes bring everything to life.

‘I have already had one vendor come to me and ask to view another home for sale with us after he saw the videoette of it with its accompanying voiceover on our website. He said he wouldn’t have considered it from the still photos but the movement brought it to life and emphasised its possibilities. His home was already for sale with us from a date before we introduced the videoettes in the New Year. Now he’s asked me to come back and do the same for his home, too, because he realises how much better this system displays what a home has to offer.

For more information, contact Town & Country Southern on (023) 9327 7288 or email