No more pricey presents for us

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I feel slightly cheated out of money and time when I see my girls sitting there playing with a bowl and a spoon from the kitchen cupboard.

They have plenty of real toys that not only reduced my bank balance in size but also took time and energy to go out and buy.

So it amazes me when I see these household items suddenly have a new role when in the hands of a child.

The comfy cushions on our sofa double up as a frisbee.

Ripped-up toilet paper added to the empty wicker bin in the corner of the room is now a tasty pretend stew.

And the pots and pans make the perfect drum kit.

My favourite example of this has been watching Caitlin have a very long conversation on her mobile phone – that thing you and I call the TV remote control.

With so many household items that double up as toys, I’ll never have to buy a birthday or Christmas present again.

Although I’m not sure she’ll be pleased when she receives a new pencil case on her birthday that looks very much like an empty Kleenex tissue box.