This wonderful image was taken by Baffins pond. Credit: Marcin Jedrysiak.

12 of the best pictures from the sunset on July 13, taken by our readers

THE sunset on Wednesday, July 13, was truly breathtaking, with many of our readers snapping glorious pictures of the orange sky.

By Charlotte Hawes
Friday, 15th July 2022, 12:27 pm
Updated Friday, 15th July 2022, 4:45 pm

The evening sky saw the largest 'supermoon’ of 2022 make an appearance, causing a gorgeous hue of pink and orange over Hampshire.

July’s full moon is also known as the Buck Moon due to male deer shedding and regrowing their antlers around this time of year.

Due to the fluorescent sky, The News received numerous snaps of the sunset and we have selected a few of our favourites to mark the occasion.

Make sure to check out the entire gallery to see all the wonderful images.

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