Perfect place to live?

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Potential purchasers in Waterlooville on the hunt for their perfect home are not alone, according to research from award-winning housebuilder Bloor Homes, with more than half of respondents not deeming their current house to be ‘the one’.

The research canvassed the views of more than 2,000 homeowners across the UK and reveals the key factors that make the perfect place to live, with a sense of community, feeling safe and close proximity to family members topping the poll.

Two-thirds (67.5 per cent) said they would be prepared to compromise on the house itself to live in the right area, highlighting the main features of an ‘ideal community’ to be friendly neighbours (77.4 per cent), a clean, well-maintained environment (35.4 per cent) and a corner shop (31.6 per cent), while one in 10 said living near a park was important to be able to walk the dog.

It seems homeowners in Waterlooville also have very exacting requirements when it comes to defining their dream home and the wish list includes a maximum commute to work of 30 minutes (14 per cent), country pub nearby (10.4 per cent) and a house situated in a cul-de-sac (7.4 per cent).

A lack of driveway is a deal breaker for most people (62.3 per cent), while respondents were split on the ideal size of garden with 54 per cent believing big is beautiful and 46 per cent preferring something small and perfectly formed.

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