Portsmouth girl Trudy lands date to Fernandos on ITV show Take Me Out

Take Me Out contestant Trudy Nelson
Take Me Out contestant Trudy Nelson
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LUCKY in love Trudy Nelson bagged herself a date to the ‘Isle of Fernando’s’ on tonight’s popular TV dating show Take Me Out.

The bubbly 25-year-old Portsmouth girl won over the affections of quirky karate fan Jon from Oxford.

She kept her light on for the keen meditator as she was bowled over by his martial arts moves and film appearances - and can’t wait for him to ‘teach her some moves’ on their foreign adventure.

It looked like Trudy - previously dubbed one of the fussiest girls on the family programme - wasn’t going to get lucky as she kept her light on all night but was shunned by three other men.

Jon whittled down his choices to just Trudy and blonde Francesca before deciding Trudy was the one for him.

Jon, who admitted he enjoys going to the woods to meditate, asked the pair what name they would give a kung-fu move if they had to make one up.

Trudy replied that her move would be a ‘lover’ rather than a ‘fighter’ style and she would just want Jon to wrap his arms around her.

And her gushy response was enough for Jon to pick her for his date.

After being picked, Trudy said: ‘I just thought his martial arts moves were amazing, so I am definitely going to have to get him to teach me a few moves on our date.’