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Landlords will soon have to deal with the threat posed to their tenants by carbon monoxide poisoning or face a financial penalty.

Measures announced by the government in March are expected to come into effect later this year and will require rented homes to be fitted with at least one carbon monoxide alarm. Landlords who fail to comply will be liable to a civil penalty of up to £5,000.

Leaders’ technical and compliance director Carole Charge – pictured right – explained that landlords will need to install a carbon monoxide alarm in any part of a property that is deemed to carry a high risk – such as rooms in which a gas or solid fuel appliance is present.

Landlords will also be required to install smoke alarms on every floor of a tenanted property.

‘With an increasing number of tenants in rented accommodation across the UK, it is inevitable the spotlight will focus more and more on safety – and this is something Leaders welcomes,’ said Mrs Charge.

‘The overriding responsibility of a landlord has always been to provide a safe environment for their tenant, and the new measures will help ensure this remains the case. I would advise all landlords to have carbon monoxide and smoke alarms fitted in advance of the new legislation coming into effect, which is likely to be in October.’

Statistics show approximately 40 deaths and 670 serious injuries are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning each year.

Mrs Charge said: ‘Carbon monoxide has no taste, smell or colour so it is easy to understand how so many people are unaware of its presence.

‘The good news is that deaths and injuries caused by carbon monoxide can be easily avoided through the use of a functioning detector.’

Leaders has stringent measures in place to ensure its landlords’ properties have regular gas safety inspections carried out by an engineer who is registered with on the Gas Safe Register.

Leaders is recommending its landlords have the alarms installed at the same time as a gas safety check, provided one is due before October, and can arrange for this to be done on request.

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