Real Life

Real Life

School places deadline

PORTSMOUTH Council have issued a reminder to parents of the need to apply for 2019 secondary school places before midnight on 31st October. 

The Southsea herbalist who’s fizzing with excitement

Budd's Herbal Apothecary sounds like something from the pages of Charles Dickens. Inside the traditional Victorian shop in Albert Road, Southsea, there are row upon row of wooden cabinets filled with large glass jars holding herbs with weird and wonderful names such as slippery elm, colts foot and ashwaganda root. 
Mandy (35) and Kerry Sterland (45) from Cosham, got married earlier this year and both their first time in a same sex relationship. Pictured is: (third left) Mandy Sterland (35) with her children Kira McKeown (12), Kian McKeown (6), wife Kerry Sterland (45) and Kerry's children Riley Sterland-Carter (8) and Summer Sterland-Carter (11).

‘You do not choose who you love’

You can’t help who you fall in love with.  It doesn’t matter what gender they are, how old they might be or what they do for a living, because in the words of Kerry Sterland (and Lennon and McCartney), ‘all you need is love’.
Real Life
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