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Real Life

LETTER OF THE DAY: HGV battle is won. Pity PCC didn’t tell us

I’m writing to ask what has happened to the common courtesy of our council’s planning department staff in letting concerned residents know about the outcomes of planning disputes?


THIS WEEK IN 1974: Aims to ‘keep Jack and Jill together’

A maximum separation period of six months for naval men and their families, more flexible rules for compensating married and single personnel serving extended periods away from home, and a new welfare organisation to help servicemen and their families,were urged in a report.

Has Louie predicted the World Cup winner?     Picture: Shutterstock

KIERAN HOWARD: Is our Louie a World Cup predictor?

It’s official – England will win this year’s World Cup in Russia. You heard it here first.

Real Life
Mark Smith leads a group from the Gosport Labour Party as they stage a protest outside Gosport War Memorial Hospital highlighting the need for an A&E department

Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (180190-1)

LETTER OF THE DAY: Gosport needs it’s own A&E Unit

As a longtime Gosport resident I am proud to support Gosport Labour Party’s campaign for an A&E in our town (Labour vows to campaign for new A&E department, Feb 6).

News 4
Aspex Gallery spokesperson Ollie Tubb
Pictures:  Ian Hargreaves  (180201-1)

‘Everything Portsmouth’ at the Aspex Gallery

HUNDREDS of postcards covered the walls of the Aspex gallery on Saturday, as the studio celebrated ‘everything Portsmouth’.

CELEBRATIONS A picture from last year when Charles Dickens great-great grandsons Ian Dickens, left, and Gerald Dickens laid a wreath on his statue in Guildhall Square to mark his anniversary Picture: Ian Hargreaves

LETTER OF THE DAY: Treat Dickens better next year

As a life-long admirer of Charles Dickens, I am saddened by the lack of celebration and occasion given to his birthday, February, 7 by those of us who live in the city of his birth – here in Portsmouth.


THIS WEEK IN 1973: ‘Desperate need’ for foster parents

Rubbish in Havant
Picture: Ann Buckley

LETTER OF THE DAY: Havant town centre - an unpleasant dump?

Last February in my role as the Havant Borough Residents Alliance co-ordinator I walked Havant town centre with a local councillor and drew his attention to a number of issues.

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Grid girl - outdated or 'fine by me'?

LETTER OF THE DAY: Are ‘modern women’ turning the clock back 100 years?

There has been much in the press recently about the part girls play in sport.

LETTER OF THE DAY: ‘I’ll fight for fairer deal for police’

LETTER OF THE DAY: ‘I’ll fight for fairer deal for police’

Police officers in Portsmouth, and the country more widely, serve our communities with great skill and bravery.

Help is at hand

Events aim to tackle post-natal depression in Portsmouth

A NUMBER of events are taking place to help Portsmouth residents combat post-natal depression.

Aaron Dance. Credit: Hampshire Police

‘He will always be loved’ – tributes paid to ‘amazing’ Aaron who was hit by car

THE FAMILY of a pedestrian who died after being hit by a car has paid tribute to him.


Families get the chance to experiment with clay

A CLAY workshop organised by a craft charity aims to get the whole family working with ceramics.

Whats on
Asda Havant Supercentre. Picture: Google Maps

Supermarket launches appeal to find long-time lovers in Valentine’s Day hamper competition

SUPERSTORES ARE on the lookout for lovers in a Valentine’s competition.

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Louie treated the pool as if he were on holiday in Fuerteventura  Picture: Shutterstock

KIERAN HOWARD: Louie has pool-side lounging around down to a fine art

Louie’s latest swimming trip would have been better spent at home in the bath.

Real Life

REAL LIFE: Cancer has changed my outlook

Mum-of-two Ali Chamberlain is embracing the new year more than most people she knows.

Real Life
LETTER OF THE DAY: More action on plastic waste

LETTER OF THE DAY: More action on plastic waste

Although better late than never, it would appear the government is at last taking the issue of plastic pollution a lot more seriously than just sticking 5p on plastic carrier bags, thanks to the latest BBC masterpiece Planet Earth II presented by the great naturalist Sir David Attenborough.


LETTER OF THE DAY: I could have easily dodged the train fare

I recently made a two-day trip from Portsmouth to Camberley which was over a weekend period.

Taking drugs
 Picture: Shuttersatock

LETTER OF THE DAY: ‘Drug shooting galleries’ - good or bad?

The subject of introducing drug ‘shooting galleries’ to the UK is bound to provoke controversy, the arguments on both sides predictable.

Kieran fears watching too many episodes of Only Fools and Horses has turned Louie cockney                           (BBC)

KIERAN HOWARD: Mange tout, Dad! Mange tout!

Does anyone else’s toddler use cockney rhyming slang, or is it just Louie?

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