10 of the best in-car entertainment kits

Replace that annoying satnav voice with Brian Blessed or Homer Simpson with this TomTom.
Replace that annoying satnav voice with Brian Blessed or Homer Simpson with this TomTom.
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Improve your current in-car radio by adding this smart device that allows for digital radio or DAB stations to play through your current FM-only set.

The compact device sticks to your windscreen and has an in-built aerial to receive the superior signal. It also connects to iPods.

2 Drivemocion, £29.99, from thumbsupworld.co.uk

Raising a smile from the UK’s motorists is no easy feat but a Drivemocion might cheer up those travelling behind you.

This wireless message sign is activated by pressing one of five buttons to create an appropriate message. Show those behind you a smiling face, winking face, thanks, sorry or even a cautionary back off – let the LEDs do the talking.

3 TomTom Go Live 1000, from £219.34, halfords.com

If you’ve had enough of listening to the ever-so-helpful but slightly irritating voice on your current satnav there is an entertaining solution at hand.

Grab this unit from TomTom and you’ll be able to download voices ranging from Homer Simpson to Brian Blessed. Take a wrong turn and let it ‘Doh’ on your behalf.

4 Phillips twin seven inch screens in-car DVD players, £159.99, from Argos.

In-car DVD players are expensive but if you know you’re going on a long journey it might be worth shelling out.

The twin screens have built in speakers, come with headphones and are widescreen.

5 Gear4 dual charger, £12.99, from gadgetworld.co.uk

If you’ve got a keen gamer travelling with you this dual charger will become their best friend. Stick it into the cigarette lighter and it becomes a two USB-port charger.

6 Nexons cassette adaptor with retractable cable, £4.50, from Amazon.

Still relying on your in-car cassette player? Stick this in and connect the other end to your MP3 player. Your up to date tunes will be with you in no time.

7 Philips PB9001, £299.99, from argos.co.uk

This portable Blu-ray player means your increasing collection of high-definition films can be taken on your travels from now on.

8 Sat Nag, £10, from hawkin.com

Passengers can sometimes be annoying but assume they’re being helpful. This is the perfect joke present, offering random grin-inducing statements that poke fun at the musings of back-seat drivers and unhelpful co-drivers. Hopefully you’ll embarrass them into silence.

9 Parrot MiniKit Smart, £99.99, from halfords.com

This piece of kit is for those with a smartphone, allowing you to use both the navigational and hands-free calling features on your handset at the same time.

10 Travel Hangman, £9, from hamleys.co.uk

It’s a low-tech but entertaining option for car journeys. This compact and lightweight set includes 77 magnetic letters so you can play on the move.