A day out full of new experiences

Nicola Faulds, Eleanor Wemyss, Poppy Currie, Rachel Wigley and Natasha Hole outside the court.
Nicola Faulds, Eleanor Wemyss, Poppy Currie, Rachel Wigley and Natasha Hole outside the court.

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We are really keen here at Warblington School to try to take our able and talented Year 11 students out into the real world.

We took them out to Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court for the day.

We’re lucky that we have got a good relationship with the magistrate service.

It’s the third year that magistrates have come into the school teaching them how the system works, the rules of the court and what to expect on the day.

Then we took them into the court and they saw the court in action. It’s a great experience.

So rarely are we able to talk about something with the experts at hand and then take the students in.

Even on the day I think some of the students didn’t realise they would see real-life courts.

They found it fascinating.

Our ambition is for these students to have opportunities to get out there and see what they have been learning about in action.

Some of them are considering law and some are considering journalism. They are A* English students.

It’s lovely to be able to take them somewhere they can see these jobs in a real setting.

It’s a real privilege to be able to do 

They learnt that the magistrates aren’t paid and it’s a voluntary community role. They thought they were paid officials.

They had a court tour before we went in so they weren’t worried about the procedure.

It’s quite something to sit in an empty courtroom.

Afterwards there was a de-brief where the students asked questions to the magistrates.

They were serious, real-life issues. It’s a real opportunity for them to see how it all comes together in court.

We are very grateful to the magistrates to keep that relationship going. These guys put themselves out for us.

The students are now in their final stages of making their college choices and some of them are thinking about studying law at Havant and South Downs College.

It helped them feel more confident about their choices and their next steps.

They absolutely loved it. They couldn’t stop talking about it.

They had no idea what was going to happen.

They were excited. We will definitely be going back next year.