A diamond celebration with John and Dora

Dora and John Rogers celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.
Dora and John Rogers celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

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John and Dora Rogers have learnt the secret to a long and happy marriage – buy each other slippers after an argument.

Now celebrating 60 happy years together, John and Dora first met when they both went to the same dance and caught the last bus home together. They arranged to meet at the cinema the next day and John says he knew then that she was the girl he was going to marry.

John and Dora Rogers

John and Dora Rogers

John, now 83, and Dora, 82, were married at St Mary’s Church, Gosport, on April 12 1952.

The couple still live in Gosport and have two daughters, Sandra and Susan, plus two grand-children John and Anna.

John and Dora plan to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary throughout the year. They’ve already been on a cruise from Southampton to Scotland.

John says: ‘I remember once when we hadn’t been married very long that we hadn’t spoken for a couple of days, so I went out and brought her some slippers to say sorry.

‘When I gave them to her she laughed and walked away and came back with some slippers she had brought me! That’s the secret – buy each other some slippers!’