A late summer of love at Weddstock

Katie and Alan with friends and family at Weddstock.
Katie and Alan with friends and family at Weddstock.
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Katie Kerley and Alan Robertson from Southsea bonded over a shared love of live music, so it was only fitting that their wedding celebrations had a musical theme.

Katie, 30, married Alan, 50, in the Portsmouth Register Office, but the real fun began a week later when they hosted their own weekend-long wedding festival near Swanage, Dorset.

‘We went in t-shirts and jeans to the Register Office because to us it was just getting a piece of paper that meant Weddstock could go ahead,’ says Katie.

‘I have never been to a festival before, so I thought why not have my own?’

At Weddstock there was a hog roast, games and crafts for children, and activities such as raft-building.

But no festival is complete without music, and thankfully their friends from the local music scene were on hand to fill the tents with live music.

‘It turned into a bit of a Pink Floyd fest, because me and my husband were in a couple of Pink Floyd tribute bands’, says Katie.

A fancy dress code made the event even more colourful. Katie was dressed as an elven princess and Alan as a medieval warrior.

‘I had a great big broadsword which we used to cut the cake,’ says Alan.

The ceremony at Weddstock was organised by Alan and he made sure to recruit their loved ones.

Friend Nick Courtney conducted the ceremony dressed as a monk, and Katie’s father launched into All You Need Is Love by the Beatles dressed as Willy Wonka, with help from the guests who played kazoos.

Alan’s aunt Alison sang traditional Scottish music and his sister Sheena Ogg altered the lyrics of the Simon and Garfunkel classic for a rendition of Mrs Robertson.

Alan’s sons Calum and Jay were part of the wedding band and the couple’s son Noah, 19 months, was dressed as a hobbit to bear his own precious rings – those for his mum and dad.

‘That evening we went back to our tent and the camp bed was half deflated but we didn’t care – we had the best time,’ says Katie.

Web designer Alan even designed a website for the event, complete with the history of their relationship, a 3D map of the site and FAQs for the guests.

Katie and Alan met in 2009 when they both attended an open mic night at the Milton Barn run by Nick.

After recording together in the studio, including an acoustic version of Hallelujah in Aubitt Studios in Southampton, the couple fell in love.

Katie says: ‘After two and a bit years of doing the dance, we finally realised that some things are just meant to be, much to the relief of those around us. In March 2012 we decided that it was time to make things official and become a proper couple.’