A picture that looks good enough to eat

Another Chipper colouring in picture
Another Chipper colouring in picture
Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Hello there, Chipsters, and happy new year. I hope you’re enjoying 2014 already.

I know, I know, most of you are back at school this week, you’ve had all your presents and there’s a whole year to wait until the next Christmas Day.

But think about all the fun things that could happen before then.

You have birthdays coming up, fun days out with your friends and family and all that lovely homework to do.

Mmm, I wish I could go to school. I just love a spelling test.

In fact I think I’m really clevor, talented, briliant and wunderful when it comes to spelling.

But do write and tell me if you think I’m wrong. I’m sure I don’t spell anything incorectly but you never know!

I’ll be very impressed if any of you have managed to outspell me and spotted any mistakes.

Okay I know you’re not all convinced about the homework and spelling tests being a good thing.

And I know some of you are much better at other things – like colouring and creating pictures that look really great.

So here’s something delicious for you to colour.

I expect some of you have decorated real cup cakes. These won’t be quite as tasty but you can make them look just as pretty, maybe even with real sprinkles and sparkles.

In fact, send me something that looks good enough to eat.

Until next week it’s chip chip for now

Chipper x