A weekend with Lewis Brown and Mike Williams

Lewis Brown and Mike Williams
Lewis Brown and Mike Williams

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Lewis Brown, 23, lives in Fareham and Mike Williams, 28, is from Bognor Regis. They produce a new podcast ‘unearthing greatness from the South’s music scene and deliberating on the best shoes for modern man’. Here he tells us about his perfect weekend.

· What would be your ideal weekend destination?

Lewis: Venice. It’s the visual appeal of seeing water flowing through neighbourhoods from a boat.

Mike: Actual Vegas (he calls his hometown Bognor Vegas).

· Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

Lewis: Mike because he is the only one that laughs at my jokes.

Mike: Lewis because he has a healthy appetite for Chinese food.

· What music would you take with you?

Lewis: I would take my own band’s material (Calico Ghost) as there is always something work on. And Friendly Fires’ Pala LP, and Foster the People’s and The Horrors’ new albums.

Mike: Lady Gaga’s new album because right now she’s the closest thing to a rock star we have. Her opening track Marry the Night takes church organs to a new level of cool.

· What about something to read?

Lewis: Confessions of a Modern Man by David Ogilvy. A friend has recommended it.

Mike: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, so I can impress girls with facts about the universe.

· What would be your ultimate way to relax?

Lewis: Listening to music on the beach.

Mike: A bath with a combination of patchouli, lavender and ylang-ylang oils, a head massage and a nice cup of tea. I mean, sitting in a Jacuzzi necking Cristal with drunk topless girls.

· What’s your all-time favourite film?

Lewis: The Toy Stories.

Mike: The one with the car chase and the explosions.

· What are you doing this weekend?

Lewis: Glorious Goodwood. Don’t think my usual choice of clothing will look good with the rest of the Richmond Enclosure!

Mike: Surfing in Pembrokeshire.

· What’s a favourite local

destination for a weekend day out?

Lewis: Lewis: Gunwharf Quays. It’s a great environment to waste money in and the views by the sea can be stunning.

Mike: The Royal Navy Submarine Museum. As a child I loved Das Boot and had a toy submarine in the bath. I’m seeking professional help.

See their podcast at facebook.com/MikeAndLewisShow