A weekend with: Marty Mayhem

Marty Mayhem
Marty Mayhem
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Guitarist Marty Mayhem is 22 and lives in Fareham. His band, Hollywood Trash, play The Cellars at Eastney on Thursday, before heading over to Germany to play the Shout It Out Loud Festival on October 13.

Here he describes his perfect weekend.

What would be your ideal weekend destination?

Hollywood as I have never been.

And – with the genre of music I’m into – all my heroes and influences started there, for example Motley Crue.

Would love to go to a show at the Whiskey A Go Go.

Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

It would be Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue).

That would be awesome, a founding member of Motley Crue!

I would get him to do a photoshoot as that’s his hobby and then I would also want to write with him, as he is the main songwritter for Crue.

What music would you take with you?

I would take my own band, Hollywood Trash.

To get his feedback on our music would be insane.

What about something to read?

I’d probably just take the latest Kerrang! and Metal Hammer magazines with me.

What would be your ultimate way to relax?

An ice-cold Coke, some sleaze/hard rock music and sunshine.

If money were no object, which shop would you head for?

Whatever is the biggest music shop in the world!

I’d buy a new guitar, another amp and anything else I can get my hands on.

What’s your all-time favourite film?

Back to the Future.

I really don’t know why, but it’s just awesome.

We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?

Honestly, I would just want some ice-cold Coca cola.

I don’t drink at all. Had enough of all that already!

What are you doing this weekend?

We’ll be rehearsing the new set ready for the next couple of shows.

We’re so excited about them.

This is actually the second time we’ve headlined The Cellars. But this time we are doing things properly. We have new songs and lights.

It’s pretty much a warm-up for Germany, where we’ll be playing with the big boys of our genre of music – Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Tigertailz and Stephen Pearcy from Ratt.

What’s a favourite local

destination for a weekend day out?

I’d rather just go as far as the back garden to play guitar and write songs.

I don’t really like shopping unless it’s a music shop.

I’d probably go to a gig.