A Weekend With: Ron Hasker

Ron Hasker
Ron Hasker
Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

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Ron Hasker, 61, from Rowlands Castle is the chairman of The Kings Theatre Trust. He’ll be a guide at the Southsea theatre’s free Heritage Open Day tours from Thursday to Sunday next week. Here he describes his perfect weekend.

· What would be your ideal weekend destination?

A country pub or hotel anywhere in the UK that allows dogs (I have a shih tzu). Living in the central south, we have some fantastic countryside within a short drive.

· Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

Other than my wife, I don’t have a dream companion.

· What music would you take with you?

Being born in the early 1950s, I grew up with the best music ever. I enjoy classical to current hits but to choose? It would have to be the Beatles and Stones. Some of their hits are now approaching 50 years old and they are still played on the radio.

· What about something to read?

I own a Kindle which has increased the amount I read. Generally it is mostly biography, history and some fiction. Last year I finished Dickens’s A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day – perfect timing.

· What would be your ultimate way to relax?

Anywhere that has sun and a pool. I work hard and ‘activity’ holidays are just not me.

· If money were no object, which shop would you head for?

Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and Garrards in the UK and Bloomingdales and most places on 5th Avenue in New York.

· What’s your all-time favourite film?

1) Comedy: Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, 2) Romance: Ghost, 3) Rom-Com: Shall We Dance?, 4) Musical: Chicago.

· We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?

I’m not really a drinker but a nice white wine such as chablis would be mine thanks.

· What are you doing this weekend?

I’ve got nothing planned for today but it’s the Kings Theatre season opener Song and Dance tomorrow at 7.30pm with proceeds going to three charities.

· What’s a favourite local destination for a weekend day out?

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for history, Gunwharf Quays for spending and eating, Queen Elizabeth Country Park for fresh air and a walk and Chichester because it’s a nice place to visit.