A weekend with Steve Conway

Steve Conway
Steve Conway
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DJ and promoter Steve Conway is 40 and lives in Southsea. He’s bringing back popular 1990s Portsmouth club night Pure Sex tonight at The Loft, in Albert Road. Tickets cost £5 from Head Hairdressing. Here he tells us about his perfect weekend.

What would be your ideal weekend destination?

New York. It’s the best city in the world for music, shopping, architecture. It makes you feel like you’re on a film set the whole time.

I’ve been a few times now and still find new places to go.

Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

Noel Gallagher. I think he would be great fun to hang out with. I bet he’s got more stories than Roald Dahl and he could bring his guitar along too.

What music would you take with you?

I’d take my iPod as there’s just about everything I’ll ever want on there, from house, to northern soul and rock.

They really are fantastic gadgets.

What about something to read?

An autobiography of someone interesting. I’m reading Keith Richards’ at the moment. It’s hilarious.

What would be your ultimate way to relax?

Spending time with my family.

If money were no object, which shop would you head for?

A Bugatti garage. I went to Berlin recently and looked around the showroom. The Veyron is an incredible machine but just a bit out of my price range.

What’s your all-time favourite film?

Quadrophenia. It’s the film and soundtrack of my youth and it started an obsession with scooters which I still have today.

We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?

Kronenbourg 1664.

It’s so much more than a breakfast drink.

What are you doing this weekend?

Co-hosting a Pure Sex party with Cabaret Voltaire at the Loft in Albert Road. It’s the first time we’ve co-promoted a party in a very long time and we’re really looking forward to it. We hope it’ll be a special evening which will replicate the atmosphere we used to get at the Pure Sex parties in the ’90s.

What’s a favourite local destination for a weekend day out?

Southsea in general, from the seafront to Albert Road. If we’re with our children or going out in the evening, there are always things to do.