A Weekend With: Will Chump

Will Chump
Will Chump
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DJ and promoter Will Chump is a founding member of the Southsea Mafia collective. He’s 30, lives in Southsea and has just been nominated for Best DJ in The News Guide Awards. Here he describes his perfect weekend.

When did you last go away and where did you go?

I stayed in a lovely little boutique hotel on Brighton seafront a few weeks ago with my gorgeous fiancee.

What was the last gig/concert/comedy show you went to?

The last gig I went to was a Sunday: In session at Drift Bar in Southsea. Every Sunday they invite in some of the best new bands and solo artists. It’s a relaxed intimate evening and I’ve seen some jaw-dropping talent play there recently.

What about the last theatre show you saw?

The ever-wonderful House of Burlesque at the Kings Theatre in Southsea. Joe Black brings to Southsea some of the best performers in the world and curates a very enjoyable evening of entertainment.

The last book you read?

The instruction manual for the new cooker in my house. About eight times cover to cover and I still can’t work out how to make the grill work properly!

The last film you saw at the cinema or on DVD?

I went to the cinema to see Dredd, the new Judge Dredd film (pictured right), and the last DVD I saw was The Raid. Which is odd as, essentially, they are both the same film. They are both fantastic and highly entertaining. I’d advise not watching them so close together though!

What’s your favourite way to relax?

Chilling out with my fiancée, cat and tortoise and listening to some new music.

What do you watch on TV?

A decent documentary or some comedy if there is any on.

And which TV programmes do you avoid?

Reality TV, talent shows, all the mind-numbing idiot fodder. I’m sure there will be a scientific study in a few years that will link watching that sort of rubbish with a lowering of IQ.

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

Any of the Southsea Mafia superstar DJs. Those boys (and girl) are the most fun you can have, without a shadow of a doubt.

Where do you shop?

In Southsea or online.

Where do you eat out?

Fezziwigs have recently upgraded to Drift Bar, Palmerston Road. Their authentic American food is amazing and by far the best in town.

What’s your signature dish, if you’re cooking?

A home-made lasagne or some sticky cider pork chops.

Where’s good for a day out locally?

Southsea always offers a new and exciting afternoon out. There are lots of different and unique shops to explore that are always rotating their stock, so you’ll always find something new and fresh. Now if only the council would sort out the seafront...

Do you have any hobbies?

I collect rare and unique Micro Machines (pictured above) and am learning how to make chocolate.