Alfie’s butterflies are a sign of spring

Chipster Alfie Ball's drawing of butterflies and flowers.
Chipster Alfie Ball's drawing of butterflies and flowers.
Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Greetings Chipsters! Welcome to this Saturday’s fun-filled Chipper Club page.

For all my school-aged chums, congratulations! It’s half-term which means you’re bound to be thinking about all the great things you’ll be getting up to this week.

Don’t forget you can tell your old pal Chipper about your exploits any time you like. Why not send a drawing, photo, story or joke to or write to me at Chipper (features), The News, The News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9SX.

That’s what Chipster 1371 Alfie Ball did. Alfie, five, sent me this marvellous drawing of butterflies and flowers.

Thanks Alfie, your picture really reminded me that spring is on its way. It’s such a colourful picture that I thought it deserved pride of place on this week’s page – I hope you enjoy seeing your work here today and I’m sure your picture will put a smile on the faces of your fellow Chipsters.

As usual, there’s a great competition for you guys to enter this week. Fans of the hit TV show Primeval will be pleased as punch with today’s offering. Get your answer in quick and you might win DVDs and a magazine.

Even if you aren’t a Chipper Club member yet, you can still enter the competitions by filling out the membership form on this page and sending it in with your completed competition form.

That’s it for this week so until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper x