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Erica Walsh's picture
Erica Walsh's picture

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Hello there, my friends, and welcome to another scrumptious Chipper Club page.

Do you remember last week, when we showed the picture of the tasty and tempting cupcakes?

Ella Walsh's picture

Ella Walsh's picture

Well I’ve received some more, this time from Erica and Ella Walsh.

Well done, you two. Your pictures look good enough to eat, but I must remember not to do that and put them up on the walls of my kennel instead.

The old place is starting to look really cheerful, but I could do with some more colourful creations.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to provide you with some of the brightest and most beautiful things in the world to colour.

I’ll leave you to guess what they might be, but here are some clues.

One of them loves the sunshine and the rain and looks like a colourful bridge.

Another is a talker and a copycat but has feathers rather than fur.

If you can think of some bright things, let me know and I’ll try to find the pictures for you to colour. And feel free to send your own drawings.

Remember to sign them like proper artists – and if you’re famous one day I’ll sell them.

Not really, my talented friends, I’ll treasure your marvellous masterpieces.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x